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Taking good care of your car interior and exterior requires more than just a regular wash. Getting your car detailed is a great way to make sure that its exterior and interior remain in excellent shape. Not only can auto detailing make your vehicle look good, but it also increases its resale. But when and how often should you detail your car? A good rule of thumb is to have your car detailed when the seasons change, so every three to four months will be ideal. However, depending on the weather in your area, and our car's condition, the time frame can vary. 


Summer, the busiest time of the year, when your car would have been put through its paces, getting you and your family to the bleach, or bar is when you should detail your vehicle.

The interior of your car would have landed more than enough food spills and ketchup stains. The exterior of your vehicle would have experience unwilling receptors of impurities such as bird droppings, acid rain, tree sap, and bug splats. It's time to detail your car if you notice all these.


Whenever we have a dreadful winter, we know what comes along with it—salt in our car. Your brakes, transmission, and other vital parts are all exposed. Salt that remains on the undercarriage and surface of your vehicle for an extended period can do the following: 

  • Damage your cars finish 
  • Promote rust on your car
  • Affect the mechanics of your car
  • The metal becomes brittle and flakey.

The temperature would be above forty degrees Fahrenheit when washing and cleaning your vehicles in the colder seasons. Hence, it would be best to detail your car at least two or three times during the winter if you want to prevent salt damage. 


When you run your hands over your car, are there swirl marks leftover from inappropriate polishing? Is the body rough when you touch? These are signs that the paint and coat have deteriorated and need to be professionally detailed to restore its surface condition.

Besides, how often you should have your car detailed can be personal and subjective, and depends on other factors like what is your vehicle color? Is the vehicle kept outside the elements or inside a garage? What is the climate condition in the area you live in? How many miles do you drive on your commutes? Whatever the case may be, detailing your car improves your vehicle's performance and durability while maintaining its value.

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