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Whenever you own horse and stock trailers, maintenance and service are key to keeping them operating at optimum levels. Here at Vantage Trailer Sales, we offer Lacombe RV services and trailer maintenance so you can ensure your inventory is in great shape at all times. We also want our customers to know some tips for keeping their RVs and livestock trailers in Alberta in excellent condition.


Caring For Your Trailer


Taking good care of your livestock or horse trailer is important to ensure safety for you and your animals. While the trailers may not come equipped with all the same features as passenger vehicles, they still need ongoing maintenance.


At Vantage Trailer Sales, we not only have stock trailers for sale but also handle professional service, parts, and maintenance for all our customers. We have put together a guide on trailer maintenance that will help you ensure all bases are covered for your fleet. If you have questions about our bumper bull stock trailers for sale in Alberta or our Lacombe RV services, we encourage you to get in touch with our friendly and knowledgeable staff. We have a great service center team who can go over all your concerns regarding the upkeep of your trailer.

Before Each Trip

Before loading your animals, take the time to follow a maintenance checklist, so you know you are ready for the road. This extra time ensures the ride is safer and smoother.

  • Clean the interior – If your trailer has been sitting for a while, there could be debris, dirt, and some unwanted pests. Walk the trailer's interior, sweep out any vermin nests or dirt, and clear out hay racks if they have old food or hay.
  • Inspect the tires – Tire condition will be the primary safety concern for any trailer. Inspect every tire to look for cracking, bulging, or worn tread. If you see issues or have low tire pressure, repair or replace the tires before your trip.
  • Test the doors – Before loading animals, see that all trailer doors are fully operating and that they latch securely. This helps keep all animals safe and secure for transit.
  • Check lights – Have someone else help you to check all the turn signals and brake lights. Each should be tested individually so you can take care of burnt-out bulbs.

Our Services At Vantage Trailer Sales

We provide everything you need to ensure your RV or livestock trailer works as it should so you can have enjoyable trips. You can get in touch with us for bearing and brake inspections, awning repair or replacement, tank flush service, regular inspections, and all of the parts you need to keep your fleet in excellent condition.

Do you have questions on any of our used stock trailers for sale? Would you like to set up a time for our professional Lacombe RV services? We are always here to help at Vantage Trailer Sales! Call us at (403) 782-5500 to inquire about our consignment and financing, parts, service, or selection of new or used trailers.

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