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When you get the right coating for your bumper, you protect it from rust, helping it to last long. The right coating will also add to your car’s aesthetic appeal. A new coat of paint after a collision, for instance, will ensure that your bumper matches the rest of the vehicle. If you’re a car owner looking for car paint shops in Greensboro, NC, we got you covered. At Aycock Frame & Body Shop, we’ll transform your weathered bumper with a fresh coat of quality and long-lasting paint. We have options available for different budgets, and soon you'll have your bumper looking all bright, shiny, and beautiful again.

Types of Coatings You Can Use on Your Bumper  

The different kinds of coating you can use on your bumper are:

  • Paint – This involves getting your car bumper sprayed with special car paint. With this coating, you can choose between many colors, allowing you to match the look of your car or even try something different.
  • Powder – For this type of coating, powdered pigments are bonded to the metal of the bumper through heating. This makes a powder coating quite durable and less likely to be damaged.
  • Chrome – Chrome coating involves the electroplating of a layer of chromium over the surface of a bumper. It’s corrosion-resistant and easy to clean. One disadvantage, however, is that a chrome coating likely to crack, allowing moisture onto the surface of the bumper, which eventually causes rusting.

Which Coating Should You Choose?

Here are tips for choosing a coating:

  • Budget – Generally, paint is a cheaper option, whereas a powder coating can be relatively expensive. The amount you’re willing to spend will ultimately determine which coating you select.
  • Final Appearance – Paint, powder, and chrome all give a different kind of finish. Chrome, for instance, can be very shiny. Compare among the three to decide which appearance you fancy more.
  • Durability and Properties – A powder coating is bound to last longer than both paint and chrome because it basically fuses to the metal. It can also provide the highest level of corrosion resistance. Think about what properties your car needs most to find the best coating.

How Can You Maintain Your Bumper’s Appearance?

Getting your bumper painted is a simple way of maintaining its appearance. If you just got a new paint job, you can protect the finish by:

  • Avoiding Graveled Roads – Loose rocks can easily scrape and chip paint that has not hardened completely. If you just got your bumper painted, avoid gravel roads for about two months.
  • Wait Before Washing – Wait for two weeks for the new paint to adhere well to your bumper’s surface before attempting to wash with detergent. Meanwhile, you can simply rinse off any dirt using cool, clean water, and a soft cloth. When you finally wash it, use a soft-bristled brush for the next couple of months to avoid scraping the coat of paint.

Give Your Bumper A Fresh Paint Job

After repairing or replacing your bumper, the technicians at Aycock Frame & Body Shop can give it a fresh coat of paint in the exact color you want. We have one of the most sought-after car paint shops in Greensboro, NC, and you too can be another of our happy and satisfied customers. Call us now on (336)272-1313 to find out how we can be of service to you.

Car Paint Shops In Greensboro Nc
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Car Paint Shops In Greensboro Nc
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