When it comes to vehicle shopping, you always want to get an excellent deal on a car, truck, or SUV that you love. If you are looking for Audi Q5 lease deals in NJ, it will always be in your best interest to take your time and weigh your options. The good news is that we not only have the inventory that you need at DCH Millburn Audi, but we also have incredible financing. We’re ready to match you with the lease deal of your dreams! 

But, How Does Leasing Work? 

When you lease a vehicle, it is very similar to taking on a long-term agreement or rental vehicle. Different from traditional car purchases, a lease means that you do not own the vehicle outright. Leasing means that the company purchases the vehicle in question from a dealership on your behalf. From there, you will make monthly lease payments to the leasing company throughout the duration of the lease you agree on. Some leases will offer up the option for vehicle purchase when you get to the end of the agreement. 

What are Lease Payments Actually Paying For? 

When you look at Audi Q5 lease deals in NJ, you should know that there are several things that your monthly lease payments are going toward. This includes: 

  • Vehicle depreciation that takes place during the time you lease
  • Finance charges, including the cost of borrowing funds via the leasing company
  • Fees and taxes capitalized on (adding to the total amount you borrow) 

Many people forget that leasing an Audi is quite similar to entering into a car rental, but a lease is simply for a longer period. Just like a short-term rental for a vehicle, these are some of the rules that you will encounter:

  • The number of miles that you can drive on an annual basis – note that any excess miles get charged at a predetermined rate when you sign the lease agreement
  • Any damage that you could be liable for when the end of your lease comes up
  • Costs and procedures that might be required when you return the car after the lease ends 

Essentially, your Audi lease is a contract or commitment that you are entering into. Once it ends, especially if you try to end it early, you could encounter some bumps in the road. This is why our finance team is here at DCH Millburn Audi to explain all of the details to you, including any fine print or areas that you do not understand. 

Depending on your current financial situation, taking a look at leasing an Audi Q5 might be the perfect option for you. We will go over the current rates and estimate what your monthly payment might be. You may have a payment that is anywhere from 20% to 30% cheaper than a traditional car loan in some cases. 

See us at DCH Millburn Audi when you want to learn about our inventory or incredible Audi Q5 lease deals in NJ. We are the number one Audi dealership in the area! Call us at (888) 378-7609 to inquire about current inventory, taking an Audi for a test drive, and available specials.

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